Blog Start Series – Step 11 – First Marketing Steps


After we have taken care of the structure of our new blog, the look and the search engine optimization , today we are dealing with the first marketing steps.

In addition to search engine optimization and good content, good marketing is the basis of blog success. I know of some blogs that have really good articles, but the bloggers do nothing to market. And so these blogs will probably always remain insider tips.

What marketing options are there and what should be left out?
I will answer these and other questions below.

Blog marketing

After starting your own blog, you shouldn’t sit back and cross your arms.

Now it’s time to stay tuned and market the blog. “To market” sounds like business / marketing, but that’s not the case.

It’s about beating the drum and using all legal opportunities to make the blog known.

Because in this way new readers become aware of the blog and other bloggers too.

In this article I present some possibilities, which marketing steps one can / should carry out. I’ve had good experiences with it.

Some of the methods presented here naturally overlap, for example, with those from the ” fast backlinks ” article. That is also quite normal. Because getting attention often means getting backlinks on the web . But today it’s more about attention than backlinks.

In any case, it is important that you carry out many of the measures presented here in parallel, as they are particularly successful when combined.

Marketing methods for blogs

  • Social news websites
    Websites like , , and are ideal for submitting very good articles of your own there (not every single article!). If a few other users vote for these articles on the start page, then many new visitors will come. And it also turns into a lot of regular readers if they like the blog. But also vote for other articles yourself!
  • Social bookmarking websites
    Websites such as , or are ideal for creating topic-specific collections of links yourself. These are then often used by other users and it should be clear that they contain their own thematically appropriate links.
  • Social Networking Websites
    Create a free profile on a number of social networking websites, such as , or . Also use these services and post interesting and useful content. Often you can also automatically publish content from your own blog there. And then link these profiles again in your blog.
  • Twitter
    Start a Twitter account, follow interesting people from your industry, retweet interesting tweets and write suitable tweets yourself. If people in your industry use Twitter, it can generate a lot of attention.
  • Comment
    Become active and comment on your own blog (react to comments from readers) as well as in other suitable blogs. But not just “great site” plus your URL, but really meaningful comments. This is how the other bloggers will notice you.
  • Linking
    It is very important to link to other blogs and websites. Don’t be afraid, readers love good and interesting links and therefore remain particularly loyal to you. You should link without asking for anything in return.
  • Blog Parade
    Take part in a blog parade on relevant topics and write down your opinion on it. It helps if you don’t have the same opinion as the other 95% of the participants. But still be honest. You can also start your own blog parades later. On there are newer parades and every week a new theme.
  • Blog directories
    you Carry in blog directories one, evaluated there other blogs, writing comments and be active.
  • USP
    Develops one or more USPs as special features that set you apart from competing blogs and communicate them offensively. What makes your blog unique makes for a lot of new readers.
  • Word of mouth
    While this is easier said than done, straightforward word of mouth can generate a lot of attention. Special content, unique promotions, exciting information, etc.
  • Guest articles
    Write guest articles in other blogs to demonstrate your know-how, but also to get the readers there to stop by your place. High quality guest articles can attract many new readers.
  • Competitions Organizing
    competitions always attracts attention. Give away something that suits your target group, but don’t ask for backlinks. That just ensures that fewer attend. Backlinks set a few anyway.
  • Press Releases
    There are a number of free press portals on the web. There you can submit a press text about important news, great new features, etc. Not getting crowds of visitors, but a little attention
  • Networking
    Establishes contact with other bloggers. That will help you a lot later and is just a good basis. But don’t beg for link swaps or anything.
  • Forums
    In thematically appropriate forums you can present your know-how and present yourself as an expert in an area. Again, it’s not just about link dropping, it’s about helping others. This brings a lot of visitors and increases awareness.
  • AdWords
    Of course, you can get visitors first with AdWords. Look for cheap keywords and a lot of them that fit your blog topic.
  • Advertising banners
    Of course you can also place advertising. Is there a popular blog in your industry (or a similar one) or a well-read newsletter ? Asks what it costs to rent a text link there.
  • Conferences /
    round tables Get out of the house and meet up with other bloggers. Often this creates friendships or at least acquaintances that, among other things, also help your blog.
  • Introduces others
    It is good and important that you also add a personal touch to your blog. But it’s just as important to present others and get their attention, although that’s not the only goal.
  • Stats-Service
    There are some free stats-services , which then also create a separate small page or compile a complete list for each website that uses this service.

lasting success

Of course, the list is not final, and there are sure to be other blog marketing efforts.

It is much more important that you do these things regularly and not just once and then never again. Instead, one should acquire many of the measures mentioned and always do them on the side without much thought.

Many blogs do not perish because the blogger no longer blogs. After a certain time he doesn’t do any more marketing and is surprised that there are no more readers. And of course that often demotivates the bloggers concerned.

The next episode of the blog start series continues with the topic “Link strategies – how do I link correctly?”.

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