Blog Start Series – Step 13 – Backlinks from Great Websites


After looking at backlink strategies in the previous article in the “ Blog Start Series ” , I would like to be a little more specific today.

Backlinks are a very important factor when it comes to ranking in Google search results.

Simply put, if you only get backlinks from small, insignificant websites and blogs, then Google will also tend to consider you small and insignificant. However, if you get backlinks from large and successful websites and blogs, then you are better off in Google’s eyes and end up higher up in the search results pages.

This is very simplified, but backlinks from strong websites and blogs are very important and helpful on the way to success.

So today in this article I want to share a few experiences and tips on how to get backlinks from high-ranking sites.

What does “senior” mean?

That is of course a relative statement. You shouldn’t just see any top 100 websites below that have PR 8 or 9. Of course, it doesn’t hurt if you get a backlink from such heavyweights on the web, but that’s very unlikely.

By “high ranking” I don’t always mean the high PageRank, although this is a good indicator of the value of a backlink.

However, by “high-ranking” I primarily mean the top blogs and websites in their own industry. But there are also general websites that deal with a very wide range of topics or even another topic and where a backlink is still very, very helpful.

Therefore, as a first step, you should first find out which websites and blogs are actually to be regarded as high-ranking in your own specific case.

My high ranking websites and blogs

If you are familiar with your industry, then you usually have a good feeling for which websites / blogs are high-ranking. These are usually so-called hubs. This means pages that have a central function on a specific topic.

In other words, pages that are linked by many other blogs and websites in this industry and that themselves link a lot to the outside world and thus represent a central point of contact.

Of course, you should also google for the most important search terms on your own topic and see who is in the first positions. Social news portals are also a good place to go to find top blogs and websites on a specific topic.

In my opinion, however, it is important that everyone understands that you should make your own list of priorities for high-ranking sites.

Tips for backlinks from high ranking websites and blogs

Here are a few personal tips and experiences. This is not about listing a full list of high-ranking sites that you are all attacking now. Rather, I want to show that everyone has to come up with their own way to get high-ranking backlinks.

In the past, Wikipedia was a very important factor in the “backlink game”. Anyone who had a backlink there could benefit very well from it. I linked to an article there for a while and I was quite happy about it. However, a lot of spammers took advantage of this and meanwhile the backlinks of Wikipedia are devalued with “nofollow” and therefore worthless as backlinks for the Google search results.

The value of backlinks in another language / foreign country is always discussed, but I see that as a positive thing. Especially since a few years ago I was mainly inspired by American and Australian blogs. And so I got one or the other backlink.

But even there you shouldn’t use spam methods. For me, the following methods worked well.

Establishing contacts
In my opinion, this is the best method to get very strong backlinks in the long term. Those who make contacts in their industry and get on well with other bloggers or website operators will also get very high quality backlinks. However, it is not about ingratiating yourself with the sole goal of getting backlinks at some point. Instead, you should be aware that without communicating with other players in your own industry, you will likely never get to the top. There are so many benefits to socializing, backlinks are just one of them.

Linkbaits can be very effective. For example, you could list the top bloggers in an industry or list the best articles from the top blogs of the past year. The important thing is simply to get attention from the top blogs and websites. This can usually be achieved by reporting on others and giving their names or URLs.

Your own readers are happy about such articles and one or the other top blog will take notice and then link the lists.

Quality content Quality content is always a great way to get backlinks. Even if you are far behind the top blogs in terms of reach, you can catch up with them with articles that are well worth reading. Many top bloggers and website owners also read articles on other blogs and when they come across articles that are highly recommended, there is a backlink every now and then.

I have presented interviews so often as a good way to generate backlinks. And interviews can also be used very well in the “hunt” for high-ranking backlinks. Get in touch and then try to arrange an interview with the top blogs and websites. However, interviews must also make sense. Usually this works very well if you ask for the opinion of the interviewee on a particular topic.

That sounds a bit strange, and that doesn’t mean backlink request spam. I get inquiries almost every day where someone wants a backlink from “ Self-employed in the net ” for their 10-day-old website . This is of course hopeless and does not leave a good impression.

However, there are many industries in which backlinks and SEO are nowhere near as important. And so, after the first contact and a nice request, you often get a good backlink, maybe also via link exchange. But don’t overdo that.

Sweepstakes Sponsorship
A great way to get a backlink is through sweepstakes sponsorship . I presented this method in my Traffic Tip Newsletter No. 41 yesterday.

It is basically about providing prizes for a competition on a successful blog. In return, you then ask for a backlink. Even if you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket for the price (s), it is usually worth it. Because renting a backlink is not cheap.

Buying backlinks
However, in many areas it is a natural means of getting your own website up. It’s amazing what 2 or 3 well-chosen backlinks can bring to successful themed websites. Appropriate blogs or websites can either be contacted directly or searched through providers such as Teliad *.

Blog parade
Every now and then larger blogs organize blog parades and you shouldn’t miss the chance to take part. Because usually there is an evaluation after the blog parade and then also a backlink.

articles Guest articles are not only a great way to connect with other blogs, they also give you a backlink. Even successful blogs sometimes publish guest articles and you should take this opportunity and deliver a really good article.

These are just a few examples. Get creative and take advantage of the opportunities that arise to get in touch with the important and big players. There are often special opportunities or situations in my own industry that I cannot even present here.

Attention: balanced link structure

Overall, it is very important that you get a balanced backlink structure. Anyone who has a handful of high-ranking backlinks, but almost no PR0 and PR1 backlinks, is immediately noticed by Google. I explained what a good backlink structure should look like in the previous article in this series on the backlink strategy .

What not to do

You see each other twice in life (or even more often). Therefore one should not try to get backlinks with questionable methods. Anyone who spams other blogs or e-mail inboxes in order to get backlinks usually leaves scorched earth behind.

I also keep seeing new bloggers who bully around immediately if they don’t get a backlink after a request. Nor should you provoke too much in order to attract attention. This usually works in the short term, but not in the long term.

Every now and then you can find tips in SEO blogs on how to use vulnerabilities and security holes on large websites to get a backlink. But that is not permanent and therefore should not be done.

more tips for backlinks

At the end of this list I would like to point out again that here in this article the quality of the backlinks is more important and less the quantity. Better to focus on a few very good backlinks than trying to get backlinks from dozens of great websites and blogs.

The basic methods for obtaining high-quality backlinks are, however, largely the same as those used for normal backlink extraction.

The question is always how to use these methods and how to approach the matter in general.

In the article “ 16 tips for easy and fast backlinks ” I presented many methods with which you can get backlinks quickly and easily.

Many of these methods are also suitable for high-ranking backlinks. The difference is usually the effort and time invested in implementing the methods.


Even with the “hunt” for high-quality backlinks you only boil with water and you can’t force anything. If you take the time, however, it is very possible to get backlinks from (in the industry) large websites and blogs.

And especially in the early days of a blog, 1 or 2 such high-ranking backlinks can make the difference between a very good development and bobbing around.

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