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Today’s 9th part of my blog start series is about an important topic. Headline is a very important element for a blog. And for several reasons.

In this article I look at how important headlines are for the number of visitors and why you do a lot with the headings for search engine optimization .

Headlines have several important functions in a blog. I will briefly introduce four of the most important ones below. The order of the 4 functions is random. All 4 are equally important.

Search engine headings

An important function of headings is related to Google and Co. Because these search engines use the title of a page as the link text by default.

In WordPress, the default setting is that the article headline is also used as the title. And so the headline appears as a link text on Google. On the one hand, this is important to get the user to click on Google. On the other hand, it is also important from an SEO perspective to have keywords in the headline (= title). Because the title is the most important meta information for Google.

If you use WordPress normally without SEOPlugin, you should be aware that the heading is the link in Google.

Headings for feed readers

Feed readers are very important in blogs. These are regular readers and we want them to actually read every article from the feed as possible.

And feed readers usually only display the headings of an article. So this headline has to be attractive and interesting enough that a feed subscriber will click on it to learn more.

Headings for blog readers

The headings of the individual articles are also used by various internal linking plugins. For example, the “Related Posts” plugin shows similar articles under a post. And the heading serves as a link.

And this is how it works with the top articles in the sidebar.

Here, too, it is of course very important that the headings (= link texts) are so interesting and arouse curiosity that readers click on other articles on your blog.

Headlines for bloggers

The backlinks from other blogs are also very important for blogs. And here too, many bloggers make little effort and use the headline of a post as a link text. It also applies here

  • a) pay attention to search engine optimization. There must be important keywords.
  • b) Pay attention to the attractiveness of the headline. Readers on other blogs should want to click based on the link text.

As you can see, the headline has a lot of functions and you should be aware of this to get as much traffic as possible. The headings play a very important role (I already mentioned that the headline is also used in the URL for permalinks and important search terms should also be included here).

The trick is to combine as many of these functions as possible, which is not always that easy.

The perfect headline

You don’t write the headline first, but often last. Only when you have finished writing the article and exactly know the core message of the article can you write the heading appropriately.

A headline should not simply summarize the content of an article, but should fulfill the 4 functions, as described above, as far as possible. A headline must be exciting and arouse curiosity, but also contain important keywords. While writing an article, one usually comes across controversial views, disagreements, etc. These are of course quite suitable for an exciting headline.

Even if the perfect headline does not exist, there are some practical examples on which you can build your own headlines. Over time, however, you will get a feel for which headlines work and which don’t. You learn that from your own headlines and the reactions of readers to them, but from the headlines of other blogs.

You should always be on the Internet with open eyes and ask yourself questions:

  • Why do I click on this heading in my feed reader? What makes me want to read the article?
  • Can the article keep the promise made in the headline? How does the article take up the headline?
  • Which articles, with which headlines, are particularly popular in social news sites and what can I learn from the headlines?
  • Which headlines catch my eye immediately on Twitter?
Templates for headings

In the article “10 tips for optimal blog headlines” I had already listed 15 templates for headlines . Here I would like to list 12 more templates. Use these as a starting point to get creative yourself and to test which headings go down best with you.

  • Discover …
  • With this you can …
  • … that are guaranteed to work
  • Dozens of examples …
  • 5 serious mistakes …
  • Step by step …
  • …% Cannot be wrong
  • Earn more money with
  • So you double …
  • What happened if …
  • Important information for everyone …
  • Stay away from …
Titles and headlines

The title and the headline are two different things. At least they should be. I will explain why in the next part of the blog start series. Then it comes to the search engine optimization of WordPress blogs.

Tips, tricks and plugins for a better ranking in Google and Co.

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